Love Letters

Quiet Blessing

A love letter from the Father



My dear one, relax your heartbeat and take a deep breath. Slow down for a moment and listen to the rhythm of My infinite love. Don’t worry so much about what could go wrong, but embrace the beauty of what will be and what is about to happen. 


I have always been right here with you and I won’t turn My back on you now. Even when others failed you or let you down–I was the One who carried you and lifted you up. 


It may seem like there is nothing to help, in the void of this place that looks like a treeless tundra in the frigid barren arctic. Yet, I have prepared a surprise gift to show up as an unexpected comfort from My personal adoration. 


I always hear your prayers and I take them to heart. I will never miss a moment of showing you My close and intentional love. 


I will honor My words and do just as you asked. I will replenish you greatly and give you time to catch your breath and relax. 


My personal and beloved love will always chase you down, like a magnificent snowy owl that aggressively hunts unannounced–both day and night. 


The restlessness that you have felt is because you know something wonderful is about to happen. Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you. Don’t fear, I have already heard you and I have answered your prayers.


Like feeling the wind but not seeing where it comes from, you have been sensing the change coming to the surface, as the excitement within slowly rises into complete awareness. 


You will see My goodness arrive, swooping down like a snow owl with strong talons to raise you up again. I will always hold you above anything that tries to pull you down and I will always send extra comfort when you are feeling anxious or down. 


Although you cannot hear it sneaking up behind you, you can sense the arrival. You cannot see it yet, because the pure white wings with little black specs have been campflouged into the surroundings.


Inhale the soul-soothing air of My peace and exhale out all tension as you surrender into the pain-relieving celebration. 


The enormous blessing is hidden in this place that looks to be frozen and barren. However, it is in the least expected place, that it will become tangible. Sometimes the very best things happen when they are least expected. 


I have prepared a colossal gift for you–right in the midst of this time of need and trouble. It will come from the back–-in a way that you cannot see it yet. Then, in a blink of an eye, I will surprise you like a white raptor delivering the fulfillment of your prayers with the desired answer. 


The answer to your prayers has already been released and it will emerge completely unannounced from the place of being unseen. It will show up as a quiet blessing, like a graceful snow owl flying unsuspectingly and low behind its prey to bring Divine fulfillment and much-needed comfort. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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