Love Letters

Stacking Up Diamonds

A love letter from the Father



It’s going to be alright, My bright and beautiful child. You are not as alone as you think, as you cry out to Me with endless tears rolling down your cheeks. I made you a vow, to take care of you and I will never fail to keep My word.Β 


Even if the whole world failed to stand by your side and you had not a soul to help or confide in, I will always be your stable Source to richly provide all that you need–and so much more.Β 


I have already gone ahead of you to prepare for this time and I will bless you, even in the midst of the warfare. In this time of the relentless attack, I will reveal the buried cache of diamonds in the ultra-deep cratonic roots.Β 


You are now less influenced by the past to receive even more from My hands. I am breaking through the immovable sections of rock to give you the secret treasures that are tucked away beneath the center of the continental tectonic plates.Β 


Ignore how empty this time seems, but know that I have already prepared to adorn you with My secret riches. Expect the best, because I am going to exceed all of your expectations.Β 


Close your eyes to this situation and go deeper into trusting in My promise. I will fill your hands with more than you can fathom from My private cache of a quadrillion tons of diamonds.Β 


Rest in My love, as you sink your roots further into My love. The place where My treasures are buried is below the surface–in the deepest sections of the cratonic roots.Β 


I will show My power through your weakness and My glory will surge through your need, as I crumble down the hidden inverted mountains of internal gems. Be relieved of your worries and take a big deep breath.Β 


I already have a plan and I have prepared ahead. What else do you need, when you have favor from Me? I’ll cause you to draw from the deep caverns of My loving support and you’ll be stacking up diamonds and drinking from the streams of My ancient reservoirs.Β 





Scribed by DannetteΒ



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