Love Letters

Comforts to Lighten Your Soul

A love letter from Jesus


My dearest darling, let Me comfort you and help you feel better. Allow your shoulders to drop down from the burdens that you have carried. Inhale deeply as you release the anxieties and tensions. Turn your neck from right to left and shake away all of the worries and unnecessary stress.


Sit comfortably and take a rest. I won’t let you go or relax My hold, it’s safe to let go and trust Me. Dry the tears that pour from your eyes, you will not fall from where you are and I will not cause you to suffer as before. I will never –under any circumstances–desert you or leave you helpless. 


My vows to love and care for you are changeless. They are the same always and forever. I know what you need and I am aware of the depths of your grief. I will not forget to rescue you and deliver My personal love. So take comfort and be encouraged. 


I will help you–like the true Friend that you need–do not be afraid. Instead of being humiliated and ashamed, you will be marvelously increased and comforted again. 


Lay your fears on the altar and set out a sacrifice of a thankful attitude. Release your grip on these struggles and surrender to My promise–with complete abandon. Celebrate what is about to happen as you remember My promise. Your enthusiasm is a victorious confirmation and My personal honor!


I will be true to My word because fulfilling My promises is My part. My unfailing love will sweep in to wrap you in comfort. I will come and rescue you and I will raise you up to a place that you will definitely love and cherish. 


Let Me tell you something. I know all about the wicked and the relentless attacks on you. I will make things right and turn it all around. You will be greatly honored and I will crown you with an open reward. Instead of being cut off and impoverished, your wealth will continue to grow and grow.


The pain that you have walked through has been overwhelming–I know. But that same pain is going to become power beneath you that causes you to rise in sheer beauty. No attack or insult is enough to hurt you. My love will always prevail and prove to be your continuous blessing. 


A change is here and there will be miracles spilling into the air. You’ll see more blessings than you can count and you will see that I have loved you–even more than the sand that covers the shore. 


Take your eyes off of your problems and find delight in My life-saving promise. I will be the Hero that delivers more than you need and there will be extra comforts to lighten your soul. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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