Love Letters

End of the Climb

A love letter from the Father



You are moving into the highest point of this climb as you have stretched your faith to touch My promise. Each level has caused your confidence to be stronger and each experience was better and better. 


Don’t worry, I will make this last part fun! I’ll show you underground tunnels that bypass the struggles and hardships. You are going to continue to experience the endless circles of My love helping you again and again. 


I am going to personally amaze you with tucked-away riches and you’ll feel the wonder–as though it was right out of a treasure hunting story. Even in the middle of this moment, I will provide you with extra provisions as you recline on the long-lush grass of My personal comforts. 


The object of your faith is coming to the surface! Think as though what you were promised is already here and you will find that the troubles in your life dissolve and disappear.


I’ll show you the concealed places of subsurface gold deposits and I will open the wealth of inaccessible depths. I will reveal them all to you! 


Just as concentrated gold continues to migrate upwards, I will continue to increase your discoveries to be bigger and better than you have dreamed, thought, or imagined.


I’ll fill your sac with quartz ledges, gold-laden rock outcroppings, and shimmering gold flakes hidden in the fresh-water streambeds. 


As you ascend to the prominent peak with scenic overlooks, take a moment and bask in how far you have come. Don’t look down at the steeply angled sides nor be afraid of falling. Once I have brought you high–you will always stay high. 


Be engulfed in the rich and glorious sight from this rise as you rest at the apex of My fulfilled promise. There are only a rare few that make it to see such a spectacular view of My tangible wonders. 


I will reward you lavishly for what you have done because you have sought shelter in the protection of My love. A dream will spill into life and you will have a chance to relax, recharge, and celebrate the end of the climb. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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