Love Letters

I’ll surprise your expectations

A love letter from the Father



Beloved one, I know that you are tired and that it seems as though your hopes have washed away. Don’t despair just yet, there is so much coming into fulfillment. The timing may not have been as you thought, but My vows to you will never fail to become tangible. 


Don’t worry, I will answer you and do what I promised. Come back to be being wrapped in My love and remember that there is nothing that would ever make you love you any less. 


Sometimes you just have to laugh at your worries and tell yourself that I will give you an outcome that you love. I have already moved in front of you to ensure that you are constantly drenched with My endless protection, favor, and love. 


Being afraid of what could come is never a reason to pull away from the steps that you take. Let every move that you make, be empowered by love and not dread. The fear is an indication that you are moving in the right direction. I will always give you an outcome of love and you can rest assured those fears will not happen. 


Make your choices an act of worship, by making decisions with faith and trust instead of reluctance and hesitation. Remember, My dear, love always expects the best in one another and never stops hoping. Don’t think of the many things that could go wrong or the things that could hurt you. I will shelter you!


I will richly reward your sacrifice of trust and I will show just how deep My intentional love is. I will stamp every situation with deep attention to detail and uncompromising loyalty. 


There will be miracles released to cause former losses to be fulfilled and re-established. I’ll take charge of unpenetrable oppositions and cause your life to be thoroughly washed in beautiful blessings and honor. 


Walk forward in the protection of My love and anticipate the outcome that you hope to have. I’ll surprise your expectations and far exceed the blessings of the past. I’m answering prayers–from the present and past–with even more than you have imagined or asked. 


Scribed by Dannette

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