Love Letters

Coming to the Surface

A love letter from the Father



My dear, understand this, the vows of My love are always something that you can depend on. I will help you and give you the extra help of a brand new start. 


In order to completely wipe away the pain of where you have been, the good experiences must push away the bad. I am going to fill you up with better experiences than what you have had. I am making new memories with you and giving you amplified goodness to stand on. 


This is your fresh beginning and it will become even more beautiful on every level that I take you. Don’t worry so much about the troubles that you have. I have already planned to empower your weaknesses with My wrap-around strength and love. 


Go back to where you started and remember the origin of My guaranteed promise. Begin to see that it is already yours and the life that you are dreaming of is more real than anything else. 


Wrap your thoughts around the promises that I made. They are still a sure thing! The promises that I made have been quietly growing in the unseen. They will show up all too soon, as they come to the surface with mesmerizing hues that reveal the beauty of the bloom. 


Although you did not observe the roots stretch deep into the soil or the stalks pushing through the dense foundation–out of nowhere they will present themselves before you and open to fulfillment. 


Keep looking up with excitement about what I have promised. Watch for it to happen, like laying upon the plush grass to watch the fluffy white clouds floating to their next destination. 


I’ll come with an early arrival to ensure that you are comforted and with more than enough. I am going to move above and beyond your hopes to show the spectacular vaults of My private wealth and the secret surplus of My underground support. 


I will show you a path untraveled that mysteriously leads back in time. I will restore each and every loss that you endured and then repay you for your suffering with more beauty than what you had before. 


I will peel away the effects of time to cause your youth to flourish like a sun-ripened vine. Instead of barely scraping by, you’ll scoop up unconcealed wealth, like discovering an emerald gallery in a secluded mountain mine. 


I have set you apart to flourish and you will no longer need to fight to survive. You’ll heap up plenty for yourself and plenty to give away, as I open up the passageway to reveal a semitropical jungle, where the world’s finest emeralds are found.


I am adorning you with tangible beauty in a time that doesn’t seem like I will. Don’t get lost in how things look, because a surprise is hidden right in front of you. The things that I have tucked away are coming to the surface and anything can happen at any moment! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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