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A Hidden Ocean in the Desert


(Forwarning–this post requires a little bit of faith and child-like wonder LOL)


I really love it when God gives me a testimony to share that comes ‘after’ enduring a difficult faith test. Those kinds of testimonies are my favorite because they show the victory and they don’t reveal my imperfections and weaknesses. 


However, sometimes God asks me to share my weaknesses and vulnerabilities when I am right in the middle of the fire and pressure. He does that for several reasons, one is so that you can see what living this way is really like and how challenging and scary it can be. 


For those who are not familiar, you can see more here: Our Story and I have also written a book about the experience called, Naked Wings


At this moment, I am in the middle of a faith test that God called a “math” test. This test is all about drawing the secret provisions that He has stored out of His promise by faith. I am supposed to be looking at the numbers that God has given and not the numbers that I see in my accounts. 


I would have to say that the two things that God has built the focus of this ministry and journey on so far are experiencing His intentional love through hard to survive conditions and experiencing His hidden riches in a dry and barren-looking landscape. 


I will give you hidden treasures and wealth tucked away in secret places; I will reveal them to you. Then you will know that I am the Eternal, the God of Israel, who calls you by the name” Isaiah 45


Before the Lord started the test, He showed me two promises. One was that I had $3000 in my available balance (even though it looks like there is only $13 LOL). 


The other thing that He showed me was that I had $10,000 that He has hidden for me to find. In fact that one is a big promise from Him because He has been showing me that He is delivering that 10,000 to cover the next stage of our journey for months. The thing I don’t know is how or when it will show up. 


Those are really wonderful promises that God has shown me that are real and tangible in the Spirit. The test is whether or not I will be able to rest, believe, and trust that it will show up. 


Now let me show you what it looks like in the natural, so you can see why the pressure is up so high haha. Like I said before, I had only $13 left in my account with a bunch of bills to pay, groceries that we need to buy, and a bone-dry gas tank. 


Since I know that this is a test of faith, I have been trying to think as if I had $3000 in my bank account and that I had the $10k to pay all of our upcoming rents as well. Today I barely had enough gas to get down the road and I took what little I had left to buy the kids a sandwich that they wanted. 


As I was going along, I would say, “I am so glad that I have $3000 in my account and that I could pay my bills and support my family”. Then I would tell myself all of His promises that God made us, such as “I can afford to support my family”, “my blog is my income”, “God supplies all our needs out of His riches”, etc. 


But I would be lying to you if I said that I was soaring on just faith. It has been so tense because one moment I am full of faith and the next moment I am fighting off panic and struggling for air. All at once we suddenly had so many needs and it was like I was buried alive and unable to breathe. 


Yet I have seen God come through for us over and over again and it is impossible to think that He won’t do it again. Between concentrating my thoughts on faith and struggling to breathe with panic, the Lord began showing me some hidden treasures. 


I was putting together a personalized love letter for one of my refreshing friends and the Holy Spirit started to talk to me about the gem turquoise. He said that this word would be a double-sided leaf, meaning it was a message to her and for all of us that need it. 


Turquoise is a valuable gem that is incredibly rare to find. It is only found in the driest and most barren places. Symbolically it is like hidden wealth that is reserved for very difficult times of hardship and times of lack. 


There is always wealth stored away from God for us and He loves to reveal blessings to us in times that seem like we will not be able to survive. In fact, some of the richest blessings that He gives are during those times when it looks like there is absolutely nothing! 


There was beauty flowing out of what God was showing me symbolically through turquoise. He showed me that turquoise is mostly found in host rock and the turquoise gems have rivets of the host rock woven within them. 


As I was seeing this, God was saying that no matter where we are or how bad the attacks are against us, He is always right here within our midst with His abundance–ready and available to care for all of our needs. 


The thing is, we have to be open in our minds to trust Him to flow through anywhere. For a long time now, donations to this ministry have been exceedingly low. But God showed me that if the support from Him doesn’t come through one place, it will come through a different way. 


God is our mobile Home and He is always ever-present to deliver all that we need–and right on time. Like a turquoise stone, His living and active promises are intertwined into our lives and as we depend on them with all of our hearts, the blessings will pour out. 


The turquoise stone is like a sponge and it soaks up water. Just like that stone, I pray that you (and I) will soak up the secret provisions that God has prepared ahead to reveal to us at this time. 


Never see a situation by how it looks. Although it doesn’t look like I have anything and there doesn’t look like I have anything coming in, God said that I had $3000 in my available balance and I am going to keep believing that it is true until I see it happen in the natural. 


To have faith means to walk by what God says and not what you see. He is saying to you and me today that there are hidden riches in these times, like turquoise gems that He has buried ahead to bless us in the hard times.


In the times that feel dry and barren, like walking through a waterless desert, God has tucked away a hidden ocean of His opulent support, like the bluest turquoise jewels that symbolize hidden water. Believing becomes seeing.


 It is all there, in a place only accessible by faith. When you close your eyes to this world and see by faith–then you will see it. As you walk along, it seems like there is only sand and not even the tiniest drop of water. 


But then your eyes catch the glimmer of something blue and you press in deeper, to see what is hiding in the desert. As you continue to watch, you see that there is a buried box poking out of the sand. 


Inside the box, there are heaps of spectacular turquoise jewels. The jewels symbolically look like the ocean and a place of hidden water. As you place them in your hands, you feel the gems transform into water and suddenly you are no longer in the desert–but you are standing waist-deep in the azure blue ocean water. 


Every need and trouble that you had was washed away and you are no longer suffering from the heat and pressure–but you are satisfied, refreshed, and filled with joyous laughter!


Wow, I feel better already! May the Lord cause His hidden reservoirs of endless support to pour out over you during this time to cause every desert-like situation to become an oasis of His exquisite treasures. 


 Thanks for exercising your faith with me today family. Love you bunches and praying for you always!


💙 Dannette


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