Love Letters

Just in Time


The most beautiful things require the most work, as one digs for gold in the soul. It is a ballet dance of the soul, as you follow Jesus on the journey of love and trust into the unknown. Walking by faith and not by sight. Yet the practicing of faith makes you strong.Β 


Like a ballet dancer, who smoothly twirls and leaps across the wooden stage, trained to be light as a feather carried by grace. Beauty can be painful, like balancing on point shoes, there are times of excruciating pain. It is in those times you reach out for your Savior to draw near.Β 


Extreme measures of the agony of what you have gone through have created lasting beauty. Learning to trust God in His faithfulness can be a time of rigorous pushing, resisting the winds of unbelief. The pressure of the soul transforms you into the perfection and clarity of a diamond.Β 


There are times that are sanctified for rest, to regain the energy and finish the dance. The afflictions that you have walked through are creating strong and beautiful dancer legs to leap and pirouette when exposed on the stage.Β 


There comes a time in a real diamond when life or death depends on what you believe. Desperately you cling to the Word of God, as the very air that you breathe. Not loving your life unto death, the dancer has blisters on her feet and burn marks of pain from reaching the end of her will, in the oil press.


It is in the bow of surrender that Christ becomes your strength. Tears are released, running down your cheeks, as every ounce of your soul pours out before the King. A burnt offering of surrender, spreading yourself across the heart altar.


Jesus is the partner in this dance of the soul, never leaving your side. He speaks,Β 


“From the surrender of your life, I will reward you and you will encounter an uncharted sea of My love that so many never know. Like a grain of wheat that dies and bears much fruit. The act of surrender is a dance of love and trust. Be confident in who I am. I am always good.


I am the Captain, orchestrating My plan. In the rise and fall of waves of glory and grace, the sea sways with Me. Lay down, let it all go, and let the water roll over your head. Release to Me every tension, every fear that holds you down. Give Me the grief, pain, and sorrow and I will take it up. I will shoulder your weakness, rest in My love.Β 


I am near at hand, Emmanuel, God with you. Beauty and joy will fill your world. Keep your eyes on Me, let hope be the anchor for your soul. I am coming through your afflictions as a rushing wind and a cascading waterfall of love.Β 


This very day I declare to you a double blessing for your pain. All that you lost will be returned in double measure. Come, rest in My arms. You are like a dazzling jewel that will shine, shimmer, and glow. I know your pain and I will make you like new, revived, and restored.Β 


The damage that the fire left will be renovated into unparalleled beauty. You will get a fresh start as if destruction never happened. Although the suffering was unjust, it made you stronger. From the lowest place, you will reach the highest mountain peaks.Β 


I am on your side, you are seated in My favor. I’ll bless you – Oh how I’ll bless you because you have surrendered to Me in total trust! Laying down every treasure in trust is an act of true love. I am a God of surprises and I have an extravagant plan.


I will open your eyes and soon will you see it. You will receive the reward of your faith, to have exactly what you have believed–and then some! You are a real diamond, formed through the pain into a rare beauty, a dancer of My heart. I will materialize My promise, just in time, and you will rise quickly out of the ashes”.Β 




Scribed by Dannette

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