Love Letters

Night Bloom

A love letter from the Father




How rare and beautiful you are to Me! There is no need to worry about what each day or situation will bring. I have surrounded you in My wrap-around loving protection and I have prepared ahead to ensure you are always blessed–even before you started to worry or experience stress. 



Even when you cannot see how far away things may be, you can rest in Me to do what I promised to do, whether you are ready or not. My vows to you are not dependent on your fluctuating feelings. They are always secure and completely unfailing. 


Like a magnificent owl who can create a map in his brain to see with auditory senses, even when the atmosphere is blanketed with complete darkness–it is always Daylight to Me and I will always be your trustworthy guide to lead you through. 


There are so many unrealized dreams that you have yet to see.  I am going to cause them to come out into your reality. You’ll enjoy this very much, as a rich treat of comfort–like pouring fragrant flowering teas into your cup so that you can experience the soothing effects of My tangible love. 


My plans are always precious for you and I have given you the seal of a hope-materialized approval. I am going to show you the certainty that comes with seeing your hopes coming true as you take comfort in My smiling approval. 


Relax your tensions and dwell on hopeful thoughts as I calm and nourish your soul from the restless concerns and worries about the future. Indulge in what you hope to be done, by enlarging your senses and stirring your faith-inspired imagination as you believe it will happen. 


You will fully encounter how good I am, as you are blessed and comforted in this night garden. I’ll cause the midnight oil to pour out, as I adorn you with the hidden riches of My secret botanical gardens. 


I will personally show you the opposite of what you fear or dread. The night will produce aromatic encounters, as cocoa fills the air from the night-blooming chocolate flowers. You’ll see a fully-bloomed garden in a time that doesn’t make sense, as night phloxes come out to reveal their hidden midnight candies. 


Don’t trust this time by what you cannot feel or see, because I am moving quietly like a mysterious owl whose sounds are absorbed by its velvety down feathered wings. I am moving faster than you think and I will surprise you as I show up abruptly and unannounced. 


What you have been hoping for is coming to you–it’s already on the way. Things are not as they seem and what you are praying for is closer than you think. I’ll surprise you as I move undetected, like a night owl flying quietly without a sound. 


A much-desired treasure is opening up to you. The flowers of answered prayers are blooming in the night garden when only hope can be seen in the sheer darkness. I will show up–just as I promised to give you the outcome of your hopes coming true–with an added bonus of comfort and beauty beyond all reason. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward




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