Love Letters

Only Beauty Will Remain

A love letter from Jesus



Don’t be sorrowful by how this seems, things are not truly as they look. I have the final say that no earthly trouble or diagnosis could ever change. Go ahead and wipe away the tears and dread, My darling, this is not how things end. 


I am going to reveal to you My great and powerful life-changing love. You’ll see what I promised coming to life–and I will unwind the bad things that happened in a blink of an eye. What looks like an end will be the birth of a new beginning. 


Exhale out the pain of this moment and remove your attention from those distracting problems. There is nothing that could ever separate you from My promise–and I will show you how much I can be trusted. 


I will rescue you–so just hold still. Before you even felt this pain, I prepared to bring you a very good outcome. Instead of weeping with distress, you’ll delight in My gifts. You’ll see the possibilities of wonder, like a carefree child making angels in the snow. 


Come with Me, where dreams are born. I am always good, even when the situations are not. I will make you happy on the worst days to cause the gloomy clouds to quickly fade away.


Let My vows be the only words that you believe and don’t accept a single negative word. What is real is what is not yet seen and the things that are troubling you are going away. 


I will bring back your smile, like turning the clock in reverse to the wintery bliss of a Christmas morning. Inhale deeply and fill your soul with the wonders of sparkling stars and skies filled with gently falling snow. 


All that you have designed by faith–I will fulfill! You’ll be adorned with the colors of your dream and I will ensure that you dazzle with even more than you have asked, hoped, or dreamed. 


Place your hand in Mine and get a little excited–because I am bringing your best days to life. No one who hopes in Me will be disappointed or put to shame. I’ll make sure that your problems go away and only the beauty will remain. 



Scribed by Dannette




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