Love Letters

Beside you

A love letter from the Father



Don’t panic, I know what you are needing is big. Close your eyes to all of the pressures and demands. Take a deep breath and know that I am right beside you. I will help you–just as I always do! Don’t allow doubt to creep in, I will still do just as I promised. 


This Journey has been crafted by the design of My most extravagant intentional love. Look to Me–I will show you the way. I will never fail you or loosen My grip. I will not forget you or leave you without support. 


When I made you a promise–I meant it forever. Like giving birth to a baby elephant, this promise to you is life-changing and enormous. The little calf can weigh up to 300 pounds from the very beginning. 


Don’t despair, even though this situation looks upside down from what I have promised. Like the new beginning of an elephant being born, things are not quite as you expect them to be. 


The baby elephant is born head first. He emerges from his mother, as she stands to give birth. Then the baby roughly crashes to the ground. The beginning of his little life starts in a bumpy and undesirable way. Yet this baby can handle the difficult start and within an hour of being born–he is already walking around!


Similarly, everything is about to suddenly change and before you know it, you’ll be walking on pillowy clouds of comfort and relief. I will fill you all over again out of My endless riches. You will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share the generosity with others. 


A baby elephant is usually born during the bountiful rainy season. Your elephant promise of abundance from Me is coming forth and you’ll be securely cared for with plenty of support! 


A big sudden gust of wind is going to rush in to lift you back up. You’ll be instantly relieved as the temperatures of this inferno begins to drop. I’ll cause the desert to transform into an oasis, as a moist Kusi monsoon flows in from the southeast and the Kashazi delivers air in from the Persian Gulf. 


I have all of your needs surrounded! You can take a break and let go of your worries. I am happily sheltering you and protecting you on all sides. This is the start of the rainy season of receiving! There will be refreshing rainfall to fill all of your needs and the sudden growth of new grass. 


Don’t worry about a single thing! I am ever-present and always taking care of everything. My promise is emerging from out of plain sight. It is closer than you think! It is right beside you–preparing to reveal itself. 



Scribed by Dannette


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