Love Letters

Moving into Something New

A love letter from the Father




My promise to you is your permanent home, never to fail and never to go. No matter what happens or what may come, My promise will always remain to fulfill itself. 


It is a place where you can rest and not worry about what happens next. You are always increasing and always moving into more. Like the pearly nautilus shell, as you grow into new levels, the shell is a home to grow and expand with you. 


If you haven’t yet figured it out, things are always getting better and better. Like a pearly nautilus shell, with every transition, things will always expand and get larger. So don’t be afraid of hurting that way again–as you did in the past. 


It is hard to see what is ahead for you when you are always focused on the rearview. Although the lowness of this beginning was painful, it is time to let it go and never look back. 


I can tell you this–you are expanding again–into much better! Like a pearly nautilus that started out small and her tiny space expanded larger every time that she grew, you are expanding into something excessively generous and new. 


Sometimes expecting to suffer or stay low as in the past can be the soul’s way of protecting itself. I meant what I meant–when I said what I said–the former difficulties are no longer for you. You have moved into the new!


As the old protective layers of doubt are removed, the adornment of a shimmering pearl with pretty pink hues will be revealed to you. Release the self-protection of being hesitant with worry, like peeling away the hard outer surface of a nautilus shell to expose the iridescent beauty. 


There is beauty in letting go and trusting that things will be better for you. It will feel as though time stands still, as I engulf you in more relief than you ever knew. Like a rare and beautiful pearly nautilus, you are always expanding with more and more blessings. 


Move through this season with confident faith as you think about what you hope to happen taking place. Like a pearly nautilus expelling out water to move into larger parts of the shell’s container, push out every doubt and negative thought and receive the newfound blessings. 


Rest easy! There are good things coming! You will see abounding beauty, as the pearly end result is revealed from this journey. 


There is an ocean of unfathomable riches for you to explore, so don’t worry about those troubles any more. You’ll feast your eyes on the mosaic patterns of the coral reefs, swim with sea turtles, and befriend the giant humpback whales. 


There’s so much to see! I’ll personally show you the rainforests of the sea, whisk you away to uninhabited lush islands with deep plunging pools, and reveal the great wonders of unparalleled panoramic views. 


You don’t have to watch your back anymore or be fearful of suffering in the same way that you did before. Like a pearly nautilus, you’ll continue to grow and keep getting more.


I will disclose the undiscovered shipwrecks that contain treasures of gold. So leave the low place of the past and trust Me when I say–things are better than before! I have enlarged your space and given you remarkable beauty. 


A sudden radical change is coming–as you are immersed in the complete freedom to do anything. It will be a brand new way of living, as you dip your toes into the fulfilled dream that has been growing. 


Life for you will never be the same, as you spread out into the ocean of My tangible abundance. You’ll find easy blessings in the most unlikely places! Like a pearly nautilus moving into something bigger and new, I am bringing you into a transition that will feel too good to be true. 




Scribed by Dannette

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