Love Letters

Not as it Appears

A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, don’t be troubled or pulled away by the undercurrents of sorrow and pain. This time is not as it appears. Although what you hope may seem unattainable, if you will examine things closely, you will see that I have hidden riches for you in the undersea world of overlooked places. 


You are not alone right now, no matter how it may feel. I am right in your midst! I will take care of you and show you the very best! I will never leave you helpless or abandon you in your time of great need. 


My promise to you will never change, regardless of those around you who have. I will always hold you up by the power of My loving support–and I will be your greatest fan–always here to encourage you and cheer you on. 


My support for you will never wash away, even if the whole world suddenly changed. Stay connected to My promises and don’t concern yourself with how this situation looks. The help of My friendship will show up again to carry you through this. 


You are not going to suffer from defeat or emptiness during this time, instead, you will fill up with hidden treasures and I will cause you to prosper more than ever before. 


Like a sand dollar that stays attached to the seafloor, by consuming sand that contains magnetite because of its magnetic properties, think about what you hope to happen and dwell in the thoughts of My promises being fulfilled. 


Stay in this place of My rich support, as you cling to My vows like a sea star adhering itself to the ocean floor. Anchor your thoughts to positive faith and tell yourself that My promises will become tangible at any minute. 


I will help you stay grounded in this place of bountiful provisions, like a sea star with special suctioning feet that contain the ability of strong adhesion. 


Instead of dipping low again, I am causing My blessings for you to stay and remain at all times. You will stay full and no longer be stuck in famine or need, regardless of the situation that you are in. 


I will cause supernatural provisions to be exposed, like discovering sea stars adorned with rubies and unhidden five-rayed stars on top of sand dollars that line the sea bed.


You have worked very hard to believe in this harvest through trust and I am going to cause you to receive effortless provisions from My endless support. Kick back and enjoy the blessings–this will be an experience of a lifetime.


I’ll open your eyes to see the gifts I have aligned for you in plain sight. Out of nowhere, you will discover washed-up sand dollars upon the shore that have been bleached white by the sun to resemble large silver coins. 


I will place blessings inside of blessings! Like breaking open sand dollars to see that five doves have emerged from within, I will surprise you with extra goodness. You’ll stand amazed as you see the details of My supportive love and I will prove to you that this time is not as it appears. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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