Love Letters

Attention to Detail

A love letter from the Father



Take the weight off of yourself and unload all of the pressure into My hands. Give your worries to Me and leave them there and let them be. Like the corrugated wings of a dragonfly, I will absorb the stress while you comfortably rest in My care. 


I will show you My intentional love. I will cause this time to flow graceful and gentle, like a dragonfly that hovers over the babbling ponds. I will alleviate your stress and worries as I soothe you with the calming effect of My many comforts. 


The beauty of My movements within you will have a massive effect on many. Your rise will be seen as I honor My name through you. I will cause you to take flight with a high-powered burst, as I cause My presence within you to be fully shown. 


Your diverse and uncommon traits will become the unparalleled place where I bless you and make Myself known. You’ll be paid back for the days of being regarded as an outcast and I’ll cause your reputation to grow and flourish beyond all that you can fathom. 


I’ll vindicate you with unprecedented loveliness, like one-of-a-kind shimmering dragonfly wings divided into thousands of sections. I’ll cause your struggles to evaporate into effortless beauty–as I shine My radiance through you. 


Like the finely intricate patterns of a dragonfly wing, you’ll see how attentive I am to every detail. You’ll see an exquisite and unique display of My affections, as I move like a swift dragonfly to answer your prayers. 


You’ll float through this time in My Divine rest with complete peace attached–as I carry your burdens. I will cause it to seem like time stands still–without the pressure of deadlines approaching–as you await My love rescue. 


Relax into My attention to detail. With a movement too quick to be captured with the human eye, I’ll cause the fulfillment to come altogether. Like a domino effect, wonderful things will begin to show up–one right after another. 



Scribed by Dannette

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