Love Letters

Little Flower

A love letter from the Father



Like a flower, you grew and spread your roots, into My love. I watered you with My Spirit, as you grew and grew and grew. Like a beautiful bloom, you absorbed the warmth of My love as I continued to nourish you. My light-filled you with promises of intentional love.ย 


I named each of your petals, of a destiny that you would serve. Upon every petal, there was a place where I had ordained. I laid upon you a mantle, of fragrance pure honor from My hand.ย With eyes of adoration and devoted love for Me, your heart was full of passion for the love that I gave.


Other flowers in the field saw that you were different and they gathered together with jealousy. They turned their hearts against you with preconceived judgments and critical opinions that clouded their minds.ย 


The other flowers didnโ€™t understand what you carried inside. They did not realize who you were in Heavenโ€™s eyes. If only the other flowers could see that you carried a key, it would help them to see and understand that all that you gave was originated from Me.


I know your thoughts and the sadness that lurks in your soul from being cast out. Stooping down to lift you back up, this is what I say,ย 


‘You will help them little flower, just wait and see! You were not planted for dishonor, you were created to reveal My Glory and honor is what you will have.ย 


Rest your heart in hand and dance into the beauty that you are. You are chosen, called, and anointed. Bloom little flower and spread your seeds.


Lift up your chin and shine just the way that I made you to be! You were created for such a time as this and soon the other flowers will see that I have been with you–and loving you all along.ย 




Scribed by Dannette

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