Love Letters

Nothing is like it was

A love letter from Jesus




The fire is behind you now and the smoke has cleared. You are ascending into a higher magnitude of blessings–and of what you have been waiting for to appear. Only recognize the memory of overcoming the flame and then move on into much happier days. 


Open your eyes and see that you are no longer where you used to be. The pain of your hardship is not going to be repeated again. Although you endured excruciating pain, that life is no longer where you are. 


What you have been through will be used as a blessing moving forward, like a fire opal that was born from the wreckage of a fiery volcano, but is now filled with brimming beauty and holds spectacular hidden waters.


You are rising out of where you have been with bountiful treasures, like shimmering opals that refract light in exquisite waves of glimmering colors. 


Just ignore those worries, as I heal away the memories of a traumatic past. Like fleeting shadows from a time that no longer exists, they will soon pass over.


I will always give you the opposite of what you fear or dread. Let go of the fears and foreboding thoughts about what lies ahead and prepare to be saturated in more goodness than you have ever had. 


Embrace the pain of what you have learned and change the way that you think about things. You are not going to suffer as before. See the new life as it begins to unfold, like a telescope capturing light to bring it to one point. Hold onto My promise and indulge in a deep sense of radiating joy. 


Everything is in motion now and My promises are fluttering down. Start the celebration and put a big smile on your face. I am about to show up to fulfill what I promised and cause it to take place. 


You are going to love this! I am taking you to another level as you ascend with My power beyond all human understanding. There will be surprises that you never expected and it will be far better than you dreamed that it would. 


Nothing is like it was–you have reached a place where things come easy. Just sit back and relax as the blessings begin to fall like snow and accumulate into heaped-up piles on the mountain range. I am going to open up a hidden world for you–where you will see new wonders and opulent treasures–that were not visible before. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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