Love Letters

Flowers of Fulfillment


A love letter from Jesus



It is true, My loveliest flower. You have traveled through more hardship than you ever expected and endured more pain than most people. 


Although you suffered from the unbearable times of shallow provisions, I am taking you into the vast depths of unhindered opulence. I am going openly reward you for the times of struggle, like velvety flower petals emerging with unparalleled beauty from out of the dirt. 


Now you will see that the hurt that was done to you is coming back as beauty to adorn you. It’s time to call up the flowers of fulfillment from out of the dirt of the past as I wrap you in the comforting blooms of My transformational love.


You’ll be rewarded with beauty instead of discouragement and anguish. Bless those who hurt you and release their neglect for you. Bless the times of walking through pain and release the past as we step into something wonderful and new. 


Don’t fret about how things currently seem or panic over your mountain of needs. I will surely use your weakness as a place of empowering you with My Sovereign wealth. 


Things are no longer the same. The appearance of lack is only an illusion and not what is real. There are plentiful riches here–hidden in plain sight–and waiting to be revealed. There is a plethora for you now and the surplus of My riches is coming out. 


Let’s go deep into restoring you with beauty and love. Don’t stop with just what you need–but let’s go deep into bringing your heart desires out. I will do absurdly more than you can ask or dream–so don’t just reach for a drop when I have placed the ocean in your grasp. 


Don’t disconnect from what I have promised, but plant them deep like a seed. You must protect My promises to you by always thinking and feeling that they are done. As you remain settled in what I promised you and trust that I will bring your hopes to life–then ask whatever you like and it will be accomplished for you. 


Water My promises with positive thinking and warm them with expectant faith—just as they have protected you with a single drop of blood from My relentless love. 


All of My greatness has been placed within you. I form light from out of nothing–and I will make you happier than you ever knew was possible! 


Keep your thoughts and emotions married to My promises. Intertwine yourself completely in My goodness and saturate your thoughts with an outcome that you love. 


You are not as helpless as you may feel–there is an ocean of My abundance within you. Believe that it is here now–and that I am faithful to deliver. Remain in a state of joy and think as though you already have what you need. 


I have already given you this victory, so no more fearful or negative thoughts–but submerge yourself deep into trusting Me. Something big is coming and I am opening up hidden riches that you have never imagined. 


You are limitless and there is nothing that you cannot do–because of My ever-present love that is always active within you. I will cause you to be filled with My secret wealth and I will show you the sunken treasures tucked away along the sea bed. 


I am doing all of this so that people will see where I have taken you and what I have done. I’ll cause your transformation to stir up a great revival of faith and a tsunami of miracles will pour out. 


I am going to cause your place of struggle and opposition to be your source of great power and permanent honor. You’ll be filled–and refilled with monumental riches and the unsearchable treasures of My infinite love. 


You are transitioning into the deep levels of plenty and flowers of fulfillment are replacing the difficult days from where you started. Oh, My beloved, you are not even prepared for all of this love—the depths where I am taking you will take your breath away and leave you utterly undone!




Scribed by Dannette

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