Love Letters

Your Hero Has Come

A love letter from Jesus



I will help you, don’t be afraid. Even on the cloudiest days, keep watching for the sun to suddenly appear. Every trouble is an opportunity for you to experience My intentional love coming to the rescue and the momentary suffering only draws out more comfort for you. 


Lay the weight of your worries on Me and I will take care of everything. My power will be revealed through your weakness and need. Whenever your heart is heavy, just trust My ever-present love to draw near to relieve you.


Your tears will become rivers of joy, as I alleviate your frustrations. I will carry you through this time and through My personal support, you’ll be richly satisfied with all of your needs generously filled. You’ll no longer be wanting or needing anything. 


Sometimes there are rainy days, but even in times of difficulty, you will be rewarded. I will give you rewards for your troubles and you will see My goodness replace every trace of heartache. 


I’ll personally show you My loving support, as I lavishly comfort you to take away your sorrow. You’ll forget the anguish you feel at this moment, as I soothe you with good news and alleviate your distress with an uncommon display of blessings. 


Forget about all of your worries, everything will be okay. Beyond your sorrows, My love is breaking through to quickly deliver comfort to you. I am moving before you with radical grace and My endless love and provisions are chasing you down. 


Don’t put your trust in lack or restriction. You have no limits! Soon you will be seeing what you have hoped and believed. I’ll cause your hopes to come true as they tip over into a flood of tangible fulfillment. 


Your Hero has come for you! Your deep grief and heartache are about to be soothed with My personalized compassion. I am about to change your life with a sudden turnaround. I’ll show you firsthand! I will go to great extents to protect you, comfort you, and show you how much I love you. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward

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