Love Letters

When you see what I do

A love letter from the Father



My dear little one, please don’t carry the weight of your sorrows or lose your hope for tomorrow. The pain that you are feeling is going away and there is no longer a need to grieve over your worries for today. 


I will be your Best Friend to change everything and I will rescue you from your problems. I’ll be the One that you can always rely on and a comforting shoulder for you to cry on. 


Don’t fret or worry; despite how this time may seem. You are under the aegis of My protective love and I will ensure that you are tenderly cared for in every way, shape, and form. 


Lay the weight of your needs and anxieties upon Me–and let them be. I will ensure that everything turns out perfectly. Instead of worrying about all of your needs–turn your concerns into thankful prayers as you believe that your hopes have been done. 


My darling heart, I love you so much! I have been showing you what will come so that you could relax into My intentional love. This is the beginning of a happy story and before you know it–you’ll be twirling with joy with stars in your eyes! 


Start over as if those fears and worries never crossed your mind or stole away your attention. Clear your mind as you trust in My everlasting love to help you. Begin to live as though you have never been hurt or suffered as you did. 


Ignore the potential bad outcomes and focus on what you hope to be done. Remember My vow–even if the whole world turned away and refused to help–My promise to hold you up will never fail you.


I will always stand up to defend you and those who spoke against you will be corrected, humiliated, and discouraged. I won’t allow this blessing to be stolen by false accusations or attacks. Instead, I will deliver more than you expect–and you’ll overflow to be a blessing to many. 


No one has the power to take away what I have promised you. Surrender into My intense love as you joyfully anticipate My promise to show up. I will come sooner than you think—and in a time when you didn’t think that it could. 


Grab hold of the joy of My promises fulfilled with both hands and accept them as true for this time. Of course, I will honor your request! Let’s wipe the slate clean and do this again. 


Put your faith in My intentional love and lift up your hopes up to believe in something good. Let your desire to believe be greater than the temptation to doubt. 


Imagine how happy you’ll be when I turn this around! Fill your mind with beautiful thoughts of how you would like this situation to look. See it now, as if it was here as you bring yourself back to the place that you love. 


So chin up–and be in good spirits! Something wonderful is about to appear to help you feel better. Think by faith and not by sight and be sure of what I promised to arrive. I am moving behind the scenes to cause you to be blessed with great extremes. 


My love always has the first and last word for your life and everything that I promised is coming quickly to the light. What you have been asking for is coming true and you’ll be beaming like a child when you see what I do! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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