Love Letters

Only I Know Your Future


A love letter from the Father



Kick your heels off and leave your worries behind. Allow Me to comfort you and give you some soothing peace of mind. Only I know your future and what it will hold. Nothing will come of the lies that fear has foretold. Rest in My promises of love as My goodness unfolds. 


Those who challenge My plans will see their hopes fall to ruins and I will hold you up and protect you and your loved ones above every assault. 


You will see the intentional affections of My love show up for you! I’ll show you that I can be trusted to honor My vows. My promises are unbreakable and they always come to pass. Have no worries– I will always have the last laugh. 


Ignore the fears of false predictions and dreadful bad dreams. Disregard the negative predictions from those who have opened themselves up to see the undesirable deceptions that witchcraft wants to bring. 


The fears of bad news are only an illusion and will never become anything more than empty thoughts. My love will never fail to take care of you and the ones that you love and protect. 


Fly above your fears on the positive wind currents of faith-centered thoughts. Think about what you hope to be done and instantly cast down every negative thought. 


Every fear and dreadful outcome will prove to be wrong, as I prove that you are My favored one. Instead, you will see tangible sweetness materialize, as My devoted love opens up like a rich chocolate rose of intensified goodness and lasting joy. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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