Love Letters

Early Release

A love letter from the Father



Rest your heart in My hands, My dear child, everything is going to be alright. You’ll know My magnificent love more than ever before by the next miracle that I perform. 


I am causing you to spread out into massive blessings–in the places of past attacks–like phlox flowers fervently blooming and filling up the muddy low ditches of mistreatment. 


Like the self-sowing seeds of dame rocket flower–My promises to you have already begun to take over. I will cause My vows to explode into a sudden cloud of billowy blooms to leave you speechless and comforted by My intentional love for you! 


Let’s see what miracles unfold, as the violet bougainvillea blooms into a floral fiesta to change everything. You will forget the pain and humiliations of the past, as the jacaranda tree fills you with new memories.


Instead of being reminded of the long road of hardship, you’ll inhale the fragrant aromas of bold purple flowers surrounding you in a canopy of blissful newness.


Forget the times of suffering and make room to be filled beyond your most wonderful dreams. Think and expect what you hope to take place. Believe big and fill up on faith! 


You won’t miss a thing! You are now rising above your former oppositions, like the splendid joy of a Christmas rose with evergreen stems that rise above the hanging cup-shaped flowers. 


In this garden of wonders that I have made for you, some things are just too big to believe. I have gifts for you that you haven’t seen coming and there are confounding miracles that will make you as happy as a child again. 


You’ll expand into a dream, like the large feathery blossoms of a blushing parrot tulip emerging to make a bold statement of unparalleled beauty.  I’ll add in something extra special, like asters and blazing stars emerging from a place that you never saw coming. 


If I told you everything now–it would ruin the surprise that I am sending. You will be pleasantly revived with even better things to enjoy. I will be sure to put a smile on your face as I cause miracles to bloom, like the ice cream tulips blossoming into the perfect place.  


You’ll be comforted in a way that you will absolutely love and I will refill your cup over and over again. Unexpected wonders are going to be seen–as I give you an early release of tangible promise with an extra bonus of much-desired beauty. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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