Love Letters

Anxious for Nothing

A love letter from the Father



Let Me give you one less thing to worry about. Things will be just as you hope them to be and soon you will see that you were anxious for nothing. 


Haven’t I always told you that you could go as high as you want–as long as you don’t look down? You are limitless and with My help–there is nothing that will be impossible for you! It’s time to shed all of the extra weight of unbelief to soar into the outcome that you would love to see! 


Don’t lose sight of who I am for you and don’t forget all that I have done. Think positive thoughts of what you hope to be done and press your faith beyond all unbelief and doubt. Resist overthinking of all that could go wrong as you rest peacefully in My Almighty Arms. 


Believe in your hopes and stay empowered by faith. Trust with unbridled joy that it will happen and don’t give it a second thought. Turn your hopes into a prophetic decree and trust that I will honor what you speak. Let go of every doubt, fear, and unbelief–and fly into tangible faith. 


Everything is going to abruptly change! In the blink of an eye–the good news that you have been waiting for will come shining through. I will make this happen! You can count on it! You’ll see the materialization of what you have believed come to be and it will be almost too beautiful to be a reality. 




Scribed by Dannette

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