Love Letters

Comfort Above the Clouds

A love letter from the Father




My beloved treasure, My darling child. Take a step back from all of your worries and quiet your thoughts for just a moment. Take My hand and float up with Me–high above the clouds of every trouble and need. 


Before you even prayed, an answer was given. Before you started to speak, I heard and I listened. You are far above every worry. You are high out of reach of your enemies. 


Breathe freely, as if the threat of what you feared was no longer there. Fill yourself with peace, as you inhale the depths of My personal loving-kindness. I will console and comfort you and make things just as you hope. 


Nothing bad is going to happen for you.  I’ll make things better, not worse. The opposite of what you fear is what you can expect to come true. That is a promise! 


I know you’re exhausted from walking by faith alone, but don’t give up now because you are pulling up gold. My favor is shining on you and the fulfillment is emerging!


Embrace the joy of knowing that those worries are for nothing.  I will provide all that you need to live comfortably–and I will shield you from those dreads ever coming. 


With complete confidence–trust Me to answer your heartfelt prayers. Believe as though it has already come and be relieved as you imagine that it has already been done. Surrender into gratitude, as you feel like it is yours. 


Float above every worry and doubt, like lounging upon a soft, pillowy cloud. You are well protected–in a place where nothing can go wrong. I will certainly bless you beyond all that you have imagined or thought. 


I will comfort you during this time and instead of those worries that come to mind, you’ll be lavished in pearls of opulence and tangible hopes. Oh, you will be walking on air! Yes, you’ll be on cloud nine! 


Instead of seeing those things that you fear or dread–you’ll see your prayers effortlessly arrive. Everything will be just as you hoped and you’ll see the iridescent beauty above the clouds–as I comfort you time and time again. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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