Love Letters

It’s time for the truth to come out

A love letter from the Father



Although it may seem like your life is moving in a direction of trouble and dread, allow Me to speak comfort to you and soothe the grief of your heart. I am on your side and you will be blessed in so many ways!


I am helping you and defending your name. Soon you will see that you were worried for nothing. These things are not going to be as you dread, but instead, I will make it easy and give you gifts of My personal love. 


You’ll be honored and loved–as those who hurt you are humiliated and exposed. Don’t worry one little bit! I have you and your little ones surrounded in a protective fortress of My unbreakable love. 


It won’t be at all like you fear–you will see that even those who you thought were against you–reveal to be a blessing and friend. It’s time for the truth to come out and for the lies to be exposed. I won’t fail you now, just sit back and see how I cause it all to unfold. 


I am giving something back to you–something that you lost. I will do something massively grand, to help you to love your life again. You’ll see treasures unearthed and hidden riches revealed. 


I will honor your name immensely–and you won’t be shamed again. The lies that have been told have weakened to nothing. Like a loose string, every false accusation is unraveling. 


Even your enemies will be at peace with you–and I will restore beauty to your days. You won’t have to suffer this time–oh no! Instead, I am giving you a harvest of blessings from your long and tiresome journey. 


Don’t worry, the suffering is done. Don’t be afraid or flinch at what may come. I am going to pour out My love in a way that will cause you to love waking up each and every day. Instead of dreading each morning–you will finally see and understand that your life is a gift worth receiving. 



Scribed by Dannette

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