Love Letters

Onward and Upward

A love letter from the Father



Although you have been waiting, waiting, and waiting–you can rest easy because the relief is on the way. I have heard your prayers and I listened. Now just sit back and relax, as I deliver! 


Don’t feel bad about negative attacks and the lies that have been spoken over your name. I’ve got you! I will fight hard for you–as you quietly observe everything. Anyone who comes against you will fall for your sake. 


Forget your worries and don’t think about your needs. Cast your cares away and trust in My saving grace. Everything that you need comes from Me, so why worry? I am the wind beneath your wings and the breathing room that you need.


I will do everything that I have promised and you’ll be thanking me with all of your heart. If you stay expecting good things, what can go wrong? I will accept your positive thoughts of faith as a prayer of child-like faith. That kind of confident prayer is always accepted and adored. 


Wait passionately for Me to show up and don’t lose your hope just yet. I will give you the fulfilled request and you’ll rise up into your dreams like being carried on the wings of the morning sun! 


Those who tried to smear your reputation and those who hoped for your collapse–will soon lose their audience and respect. With dishonor and shame–their deeds will fall back on themselves. 


The attacks that were against you are only making you rise! Those who slander you are trying to harm me. Just wait and see! Onward and upward–I am lifting you high! I’ll show up as I promised–and I will take you by surprise! 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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