Love Letters

Trust Me to Save You

A love letter from the Father



Trust Me to save you, I have so many ways to support you! Stay calm and rested in My help, as though a rescue boat was passing over you to take you up. 


Look up from this place and see the 200 billion trillion stars and gaze upon the vast and unfathomable places of My secret stored-up blessings. 


Lift yourself above your fears with hopeful thoughts. Allow yourself to believe that it will be just as you hope! As you start to rise, the wind pressure beneath you will hold you above the fears and lies. 


Soon you will see that those fears were not true and everything will be wonderful for you. You’ll fly over every fear with the certain outcome that you are hoping to be done! 


Soar faster with gratitude as you thank Me in advance for what I will do. Skip away to your favorite place and imagine that every promise that I made is already fulfilled. 


Enjoy the refreshing breeze of relief even before it arrives and cool yourself off from the pressure by thinking about My promise with faith-filled thinking. Forget your worries and stay in a hopeful place–like indulging in an ice cream cone on a hot and humid day. 


I’ll show up with a surprise to turn everything around! Instead of fainting in the fire, you’ll be sipping the sweet watermelon juice of My intentional love and thanking Me for delivering the fulfillment of My promise. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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