Love Letters

Place of Plenty

A love letter from the Father



Close your eyes to the lack that you see, things are not as they seem. I am going to show you just how much I care! I will not in any way fail you, nor give you up, or leave you in need. Although it looks like you will not survive, I led have to a mysterious place of plenty.Β 


I’ll bless you in the midst of this attack, by soothing you with warm tropical waters of extra comfort and immense support.Β 


You can rest like a baby, as I nourish you with extra love and attention. I will comfort you and carry you through this. I will flood you with wealth from all over the world, as I carry you securely in My loving arms.Β 


Don’t worry, I have gone ahead of you! Secret sources of My personal devotion will be revealed and hidden depths of provisions will be exposed. I will direct you to hidden treasures and you won’t have to worry about anything.Β 


You’ll float upon the support of My promise, like resting upon thermal springs and warm water basins. You’ll be generously covered as I care for your needs. There will be plenty for everything and plenty left over to share with others.


My promise to you will suddenly be revealed, like a green sea turtle emerging from unfathomable depths with a beautiful heart-shaped shell.Β 


I’ll fill your hands with privately stashed coins throughout the layers of sea sand. You’ll discover new sources of overflowing wealth and be replenished, as I open your eyes to see secret underwater forests.Β 


I have given you the gift of freedom–My freedom of abundant living. You’ll find yourself extraordinarily refreshed by the breathtaking place of plenty–even in this time that seems void, desolate, and barren.Β 



Scribed by Dannette

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