Love Letters

I’ll Be There For You

A love letter from Jesus



The thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry–are like invasive weeds. They grow from the bottom places of negativity and they spread ferociously, like the Mexican water lily. 


The lily forms dense leaves and mats that plug up the waterways and restricts water movement. These low-level thoughts of fear and doubt can become excessive and out of control if left unchecked and untransformed.


Just as the Mexican water lily spreads from the bottom up, if it is not removed at the root, it will constantly come back and grow vigorously again and plug up the free-flowing waters of love. 


Although the testing of your faith has been difficult and tiring, I have been using this time to pull out the places of unbelief from the root, so that you never have to suffer through this type of trial again. 


Let’s start over today to replace every evasive negative thought–of fear, doubt, and worry–with My promises of love, protection, and support. 


I help you, just like I said! I will show up as your ever-present place of support and your very best friend! Keep telling yourself that I will be there and concentrate on My vows as you anticipate My arrival. 


Remember what I told you–even if the whole world refused to help and stopped caring–I will always be there to supply all that you are needing. 


Don’t allow those fears and worries to choke out the flow of My promises. Decide to let them go–once and for all–as you trust and surrender to My promise. 


Dig out those unbelieving thoughts and saturate your soul in the soothing waters of My promise. I will never let you go. I will hold onto you and protect you from falling. You’ll be lavishly refilled to wonderful extremes. 


I’ll create a path through the crowded waters and I will save you from the life-threatening needs. Don’t be afraid, My dearest friend, I will be there for you, just as I promised. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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