Love Letters

Nothing Needs To Be Done


A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, don’t despair. Wipe away the tears as I calm you with My kindness and love. I am right here with you and I will save you. You’ll be happy and relieved soon enough. 


Even in the midst of your heartache, I will take care of you and provide all that you need. You’ll be able to breathe deep–and the wicked will not hurt you anymore. Because you lived through suffering and deep pain, you will be respected, honored, and adored. 


This will be a time of comfort for you as I repay you with the wages from your faith and trust in Me. You’ll be able to laugh again! Without heavy anxieties–you’ll live in the peace of My materialized promise. 


I have reversed the attacks against you and sent them back upon your enemies’ heads. The repayment for their malicious attempts will leave them in regret. They will be covered in the sorrows that they sent and the thief cough up all that he took from your hand. 


Be happy! Celebrate! I am on your side and I am delivering you the outcome that I have promised! The accumulation of your sorrows will suddenly dissipate as the rewards for your faith come to the surface. 


Sit back and take it easy. You will be well compensated for your faith enduring. I will comfort your hurting heart and reward you for your efforts to trust. You’ll see chocolate roses bloom from the fears and I will surprise you with good news–instead of threats of doom. 


Expect a miracle! Something good is about to arrive! This will be a time of easy comfort to make up for the torment and suffering. What I promised is coming and nothing else needs to be done. At any moment, you’ll see it with your own eyes—





Scribed by Dannette



♡to sow






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