Love Letters

A Sign of My Loyal Love

A love letter from the Father



Take a deep breath, My lovely one, and lay your head on My shoulder. Haven’t I always promised to take care of you and be the stable support that you can count on? 


Place your worries and towering needs into My hands and release the heaviness that you feel. My love will show up to save you again. The opposite of what you fear is what will happen, you can count on My loyal love in action. 


Starting something new can sometimes feel scary, but this is the door to your dream opening up. Adhere, trust, and rely on Me and you will never be disappointed in your expectations. 


Although this time may seem overwhelming, I will show you spectacular beauty in the midst of your troubles. I will not in any way fail you, rather I will rain down more prosperity than you have ever known. 


Don’t worry, I will show you the way and make it super easy and clear. You will see beauty from the pain of being bombarded with needs. Don’t be afraid, nothing can ever separate you from My love—the opposite of your fears is a promise. 


I will bless you through this change, like how the marine mollusk of Oaxaca releases a special fluid that dyes garments of wealth–when it is startled or alarmed by danger. 


With the impending dangers that come against the mollusk, the mollusk releases this fluid to defend itself. The fluid is then used to create glorious purple garments and the royal purple is a sign of wealth. In a similar way, I will bless you from this attack, by causing you to see a sign of My loyal love. 


I will show you immense loyalty and I’ll be there to cover all that you need. You will be comforted–again and again–like a mollusk forming rare and expensive pearls from the increased agitation.


I have spread out a table of gigantic provisions for you; despite the attacks and you will be diligently cared for with My loyal love. 


You will be nourished and comforted–-carried close to My heart. Expect to see even more support spilling over from My loyal love! I will give you everything in abundance and more than you expect.


I will show up as a love rescue and you’ll scoop up pearls of comfort from out of your troubles. You will see a sign of My loyal love–as I extravagantly show up to deliver above and beyond your greatest comforts. 



Scribed by Dannette




If this ministry has been a blessing to you, please consider sowing a love offering♡


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