Love Letters

It’s Coming

A love from the Father



Don’t be afraid, this isn’t what it looks like. These situations are setting you up for the bliss of elevated living. Your confidence in Me is the terrifying proof of your enemies’ defeat. 


While others would run in fear from what is coming, you can rest in My security and love. I’ll raise you up above the chaos, and cause you to inhabit the high levels of blessing. 


There is no reason to be afraid of what will be, I have already prepared you with ample space to live abundantly. There is nothing that can take the support of My love away from you. Ooh, get ready for something good! 


You can go as high as you please–the sky is the limit! You will feast on the freedom of My love. The turbulence is the blessing that lifts you up!


Move confidently towards the dark clouds ahead, like an eagle who uses the currents of the storm to rise effortlessly above. With a major rise–you’ll lift up higher and higher! The pressure that you are enduring will be used to lift you up above the fierce winds ahead. 


Clear out all of your worries and fears, as you prepare for the ultimate lift. Let go of every concern, as you run into My promise–like an eagle charging into the storm ahead. 


You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant,  always–everywhere that you go. I will always be with you and provide you with help. You can afford to support your family! 


I will not desert you. My love will never give up on you or let you fall down low. Spread out and make room, as you rise with the wind. Make your hopes high and raise your expectancy for a sudden surprise. 



Believe and trust that I am everywhere and that a blessing can happen suddenly. Fly up towards the stars of My promises and take over the place of your dreams. 


Just beyond this moment of passing through the clouds, you will suddenly see the easy blessings and clear blue skies. You’ll stay in the high place above the clouds–where you are safe and no longer being kicked around. 


Anticipate the arrival of very good news. My love is pursuing you to deliver a much-desired fulfillment. It’s coming! So don’t be distracted by the worries about how things look–this is the moment of a long-awaited door opening up. 



Scribed by Dannette




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