Love Letters

All the pieces have come together

A love letter from the Father



Look back to the place from where you have come and remember how far I have taken you. My vows to you will never end and I will be there to rescue you again–just as I always have. 


I’ll be all that you need! I promise that you’ll never be lonely. I know every detail of your life and I understand all of your sorrows. I will relieve your troubles and take away your worries, as I immerse you in soothing comforts. 


I have heard your cries and I am giving you rest from the battles. Your trust in Me to fulfill my words is a shield to hide you. I will conceal you from your enemies, like a zebra whose stripes disguise and hide her at night. 


Like the Malibar butterfly, who receives danaidone from the nectar of flowers to deter predators, my promises will shelter you from your enemies. Constantly think about the promises of My love and that will keep you invisible from the attacks. 


Take captive every worry, fear, and upsetting thought the moment it appears. In just a little while you will see that those fears were only illusions of the dark and that you were worried for nothing. 


Fly away from the needs that you see and enter into another reality. Flutter up, like the “paperkite” Malabar tree nymph, as you concentrate with faith on all that I promised. The unseen promises will come to the surface like impressive gold that encountered the faith of a child. 


My promises are like stars to guide you through the night, shining like diamonds in the black velvet sky. I have set each one in place and I call them by their names. Expect to see amazing and spectacular blessings as bring out the fulfillment and place them into your hands. 


All the pieces have come together and soon you will see the wonderful things that I have been doing. It is bigger and more beautiful than you have hoped or dreamed! I will show up to provide everything that you need to live comfortably–even more than you think. 



Scribed by Dannette

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