Love Letters

Love is Coming Back Around

A love letter from Jesus

Everything is going to change, have no worries. You’ll receive everything that you need and it will arrive before it is needed. When you ask, it is always given. Love is coming back around, as I answer your prayers and fulfill your deepest longings.

Allow yourself to rest for a while, I am right here to assist you. Let Me carry the burdens that you are feeling. Before you even spoke, your prayer was granted. Give your requests to Me, like a female seahorse placing her eggs in the pouch of a male to carry.

I will take the pressure off of you and deliver the fulfillment, just the male seahorse delivers the babies on behalf of his partner. I will be the strength that you need and My power will emerge from your places of weakness and need.

Sit back and enjoy the ease of things. Allow yourself to be a recipient of My loving affections. Your prayer requests are coming back to you as delightful realizations. Your life has already shifted into a new place of majestic wonders!

Don’t doubt it, the fulfillment will come! You’ll continue rising and I’ll cause you to thrive at all times. Cling to Me with trust, like seahorses that hook their tails together like an anchor, so they don’t get lost. Everything is going to get better for you right away and your world is getting bigger than what you prayed for.

Trust for an endless loop of My blessings to come and watch what happens! I will cause the love of My support to flow to you in effortless ways. You’ll be filled to the brim and flooded over with generous provisions.

You will witness a new chapter to your love story, like sea horses that intertwine themselves in a romantic dance to deepen their bond of love. I’ll deliver a surprise arrival, as the hidden support of My love becomes tangible all around you.

Your life is forever changed! Watch the evidence show up. There is great love here for you! Love is coming back around as the fulfillment of your prayers and the desires of your heart.

Scribed by Dannette Ward


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