Love Letters

Covered in My Sovereign Support

A love letter from the Father



There is more than what you can see right now. Although it looks and feels like total darkness in this place where there is nothing visible to help you, I am going to show you the secret riches of darkness. 


You will see the glory of My Sovereign support in this time where the hope of support looks absent. Even the darkness is light before My eyes. Lean the weight of your needs on Me–I will take care of you and do the heavy lifting. 


This is the beginning of something great! I will show up to materialize My vows–and I will be the surging power that you need. My hidden wealth will roll out like a red carpet on this path of complete blackness. 


You’ll be generously cared for as you rest in My hands and I will do all that I promised. The color black absorbs all light. In a similar way, your place of need and weakness is causing you to absorb My Divine blessings. Your weakness is a conduit where My power flows out. 


In this time that looks like opaque blackness with nothing visible to help you, will become the place where My great power causes you to prosper. What your enemies sent for harm–I am turning into something exceedingly good!


I’ll raise you up to be one of the wealthy ones in the world. You’ll be blessed to be a blessing and I’ll give you the resources to help so many others who are once as you were. 


I will pay back the attacks against you, by the extreme magnitude of how I bless you! Your enemies will be ashamed–more than they ever have. They will see that all they did was help you as I pay you back with more and more blessings. Didn’t I always say that I would have the last laugh? 


Don’t feel bad about the mountain of needs before you and the lack of support that you see to help you. I will be your number one fan–as I lavishly provide for you straight from My hand! Nothing can ever separate you from the promises of My supportive love. 


You will be richly endowed with Heaven’s help, as I send angels to deliver you hidden pockets of wealth. I will be all that you need and you will be honored extravagantly! 


Just sit back as I help you out. I will put on an excessive display to reveal My Sovereign wealth. The stars of My promises will fill all of your needs with more than you hoped and My radiance will deliver more gifts to show you how much you are loved and covered in My Sovereign Support. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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