Love Letters

You won’t be disappointed!~

A love letter from Jesus



You don’t have to accept these words of bad news or the fear of something bad happening to you. Turn the page from the bad situations and the threats of the bad outcomes that could be. It is time to write a new story of beauty and healing. 


Instead of worrying about all of the bad things that could come, become excited that your hopes will arrive. Remember that your body knows the thoughts that you think and will align itself with what you believe. 


The bad news that you have been told and the sorrowful diagnosis is not found in the new life that you are transforming into. Don’t focus on the negative things or the fears of what could go wrong. Set all of your focus on a brand new body, as you embrace the fulness of My promises showing up to save you. 


Faith gives you the victory–even before you see the desire arrive. Confidence in what you hope for is your superpower!  Believe that you already have what you hope for and be confident that it is certainly yours. 


Sometimes, the most prophetic act of faith is to do nothing at all. Let Me do the heavy work as you trust Me to bring your hopes to the surface to make them tangible. The best way to stir up solid confidence is to walk in the direction of what makes you afraid with Me by your side. 


Don’t allow doubtful thoughts to keep you from a miraculous transformation. See all of the wonderful things that your life could become and decide it is real. The fears are untrue and there are no limits to what you can do. 


Lay your whole life on My promises and believe that they will be. I have already sent My word to heal you and deliver you from the grave. Close your eyes to what you currently see and imagine yourself as though your miracle healing has already occurred. Feel the power of My love at this moment and bubble up with gratitude for My life-saving rescue. 


Move through your fears with courageous thoughts of optimistic faith and you’ll step into the freedom of your dreams–with a brand new life. Huge changes are coming to the surface–and believe Me when I say–you won’t be disappointed! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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