Love Letters

You Are Going To Feel Much Better

A love letter from Jesus



Becoming the beautiful new version of your dreams will require letting go of all that you were and all of the pain. The sorrow, problems, poverty, and things that made you feel ashamed are not who you are. Those days of hardship are over and gone. 


Those terrible things were only the swampy water that you were crossing over. Let go of the horrible memories and look away from the shame of low-level living. Everything has been made new and it is time to forget your anguish and start over. 


Even though there were times when it looked like you wouldn’t survive, you were attached to the guarantee of My promise, like lotus plant roots implanted strong into the soil. 


Although you had tough times and there were days when it was hard to keep breathing, you are finally coming out of the unbearable pain and anguish. The days of barely surviving and living with shame that was found at the murky bottom are no longer for you. 


Look at the new life that is emerging and forget the past failures, shame, and struggles. See yourself as though your promises have already opened up–like the beauty of a pink lotus flower blooming over the murky water with clean and perfect petals. 


I will bless you in the place of your past pain, like an Aztec farmer using the muck from the bottom of the swamp to create a bountiful floating garden. Don’t worry, your past will always be honored as a blessing to help others–but your pain from the wounds will leave you forever.


I’ll smooth away the grief and hardship, like a farmer putting the soil from the muddy swamp bottom onto the floating garden. You’ll be blessed with so much love! I will give you a solid support system with plenty of goodness for you to share with others. 


Not only will I cause your new life to blossom–as I load you with blessings–but I will cause your reflection to change to immense beauty when people see what I have done! You’ll rise quickly to the top, like a lotus flower blooming from out of the mud and spreading out. 


I am going to cause you to prosper rapidly now, as My promise of new life grows in fast to replace the agony of your bitter past. You are going to feel much better, as I soothe you with My comforting love. All of your past hurts will be replaced with new memories of living the adornment and materialization of My promises. 



Scribed by Dannette



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