Love Letters

Surrounded by Love

A love letter from Jesus


Don’t you cry, My love. Don’t be afraid, I won’t let you suffer or crash to the ground. This is not the end of what I have promised. No, My dear, this is not goodbye. My vows to you are forever and when I give you a promise–you can trust it to come. 


I will not fail you or let you fall. I will keep holding onto you and fulfill My vows. Let go of all of your fears and worries. Fall into My love and trust Me to care for all of your needs out of My unending riches. 


I know where you are at each moment and I know all of your needs before they arrive. I will watch over you with extra attentive love–like a Husband protecting His bride. 


Your biggest weapon against this warfare is to let go of your worries and trust Me as your pilot to lift you higher. Letting go is what will cause you to rise into the fulfillment of all you have been promised and hoped for. 


Open your heart to trust in My love to deliver My promise. There is no love greater than My love for you. Surrender all of your fears and rest in My ever-present power. I’ve got you! Things will be just as I foretold and you’ll have a life-changing story to tell the world about. 


I have surrounded you with My impenetrable love, like the air pressure that holds the airplane up in the sky on all sides. Although you may feel the turbulence of attempted attacks–there is nothing that can harm you or cause you to fall from My grasp. 


Relax every tension and fearful apprehension. Lay the whole weight of your life into My hands. I will tenderly care for you and nurture you with My calming comfort. Raise your thoughts above the chaos around you. Bask in the place of My personal love and look up at the stars of My promises. 


You are rising into a higher place of encountering My abundant love and the turbulence that you have felt is the sign of your ascent. Embrace the excitement of the rise–this is where your dreams start coming to life!


You are rising to places too wonderful to say! You’ll be immensely honored as I raise you up as One who I cherish and love. Very soon you’ll be above the clouds and chaos–and living in the freedom that I have promised. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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