Love Letters

I Am Moving in the Unseen

A love letter from Jesus



Don’t worry about the present problems or the attacks that have been set against you. I am already turning it all around. There is nothing–nothing at all–that can stop My promise. Even if a bulb was planted upside-down, it will still grow the way that it was supposed to.  


My promise to you will always change the surroundings and there is nothing that will change My promise. The new stems from the bulb that seem upside-down will turn themselves over and begin to bloom uprightly all by themselves. 


Stay rested in My peace and know that I will turn every problem into a blessing. The places that were sown in dishonor against you will be raised in My glory. Because I have blessed you—and nothing can curse a blessing! 


I am taking you to a new level where I will transform your tears into beauty. Like inverted tulips known as the weeping bride. I will cause the circumstances in your life to suddenly transform, as I comfort you like the upside-down tulips on the Zagros mountain range. 


What I have promised you will spread out into spectacular full bloom. Your sorrow from the night will be suddenly changed into Christmas morning, like the upside-down tulips blanketing the ground in a red and green plethora. 


Look beyond all of your worries. See how My promises are shining just for you! It may look and seem like nothing is happening, but those stars are moving for you in a way that is unseen by the naked eye. 


Like stars that move in a circular path of the galaxies’ orbit, the vows that I made for you are always working all things in your favor to bring fulfillment for you. Everything that I promised will come about at the perfect time and there is nothing that can stop My promises from materializing in your life. 


You cannot even contain all of the goodness that I am about to unload into your hands! Even if I told you now–you wouldn’t be able to believe it!  I am re-paying your hardships with twice the blessings! 


Just because you cannot see anything happening, doesn’t mean that nothing is. I am moving in the unseen in ways that you cannot see just yet. I have such a surprise for you–and very soon it will be revealed! All at once–everything will transform into a glittering winter wonderland of a dream coming true. Everything will be just as I told you! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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