Love Letters

You are not even ready for what’s coming next

A love letter from the Father



There’s more than what you can see right now. Don’t worry–what you are hoping for is closer than you think–it’s right next to you. 


Allow Me to comfort you and relieve your stress. I will bring about all that I promised and cause your hopes to become tangible. I’ll protectively care for you–step by step. You’ll have all that you need–before you need it–and so much left over. 


Don’t allow the difficulties of what you have endured have a negative effect on how you think things will be. Instead of revisiting that pain, I will cause things to be better than before. 


Like burying your fears under a bed of flowers radiant flowers, put to death every doubt and worry and place them under what I have promised. Letting go will cause you to rise and there will more beauty than you ever knew or realized. 


Like bringing a fish back to life, I will gently hold you in a refreshing flow of cool water. I’ll speak tenderly to your heart, like moving a fish close to the air source to get more oxygen. The cool water helps the oxygen to dissolve so that the fish can recover. The exhausted gills open up and receive oxygen from the water. 


Inhale hope as I revive you. Like placing almond leaves into the water to boost immunity and healing, stay rested in what you hope for. The almond tree is a symbol of hope in the fulfillment of My promise. Hope is what faith is made of and it means to welcome with an expectation that this is certain. 


Keep thinking as your hopes will happen, as you float your cares away into My goodness. Your hope is connected to what I promised and as you rest in what you hope for–it draws out promise. 


I will transform you and raise you up. I’ll cause your hopes to emerge with the fulfillment of My promise. You’ll rise from rags to riches and I will seat you in place of prestige and dignity. 


Things are going to be even better than you dreamed. I’ll prevent unfavorable outcomes and I’ll deliver good news! I’ll put your critics to shame, as I cause you to rise into elevation as you celebrate in My salvation. 


You’ll find yourself in the lap of luxury as I bathe you in a new and unique experience filled with deep details of beauty. I’ll open doors of secret riches that were closed and I will show you decadent flowers blooming directly from the tree trunk as a hidden treasure trove. 


You see the beauty of your hopes coming true–during this time when it seems like there is nothing to help you. I’ll restore you with a new life and give back every drop of joy. All of a sudden you’ll discover the concealed beauty of oyster-formed reefs and cool off under a radiant waterfall of instant relief. 


You are not even ready for what’s coming next! This will top all of the rest! It will feel like a real-life fairytale as your hopes come to the surface. You’ll bask in the high tide of My loving provisions as your fulfilled promises suddenly crash in as a breaking wave of rescue.




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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