Love Letters

You’ll Live Like Royalty

A love letter from the Father




Don’t determine how this time will be based on what you do not see. You’ll live like royalty, despite how it looks ahead. Like a camel staying refreshed in the desert, My vows to support you can withstand any situation.


Don’t panic, I know what you need! Don’t worry, things are not as they seem! I will hold you up and carry you into an even better position, as I hold My banner over you of Kingdom love and protection. There are hidden pools of luxury and comfort for you preparing to emerge, like a private oasis of My ever-present love.


Don’t be trapped in fear of reliving the past times again. You are not going to suffer as you once did, rather things are about to become richer than you have ever had. 


I am singing you a brand new song, can you already hear it? I have saved My best gifts for this time when you really need them. I will show you abundant levels of love, even in the harshest desert conditions. Like camels exposing their long fluffy eyelashes, you’ll see more beauty than you ever envisioned. 


I am sending in the camels of royal support to help you to move forward in your journey. The camels are known as the “ships of the desert” because they can carry up to 200 pounds a day while moving as fast as horses. 


I will break through every enemy attack to deliver My secret provisions of help. I have already started to send you support from outside sources, like camels coming in to deliver all you are needing with plenty left over. 


My promise to love and support you is forever! I will take what was sent to hurt you and turn it into a blessing like a camel effortlessly consuming a water-filled cactus with 6-inch long, sharp needles. 


Keep thinking about what you hope to happen–like a camel chomping on cactus as a midday treat. The camel chews in a circular motion to re-distribute the pressure and turn the pointy cactus on its side. Then the prickly cactus easily slides vertically down the camel’s throat without getting hurt. 


I will answer your prayers and bring your hopes to life. You’ll soon see there was nothing to fear as I cause you to shiver with delight! You’ll be so amazed as I cause this place to transform into a floral wonderland blanketed in lush green grass. 


It will be very soon and the temperature of discomfort will quickly drop. You’ll see My words materialize right before your eyes, like stepping through a waterfall to see a tropical oasis tumble together with blossoming orchids. 


I’ll take you high above the clouds–where the drought cannot hurt you anymore. For the first time, you will discover what it is like to live like royalty, as I introduce you to the deep places of My supportive and endless love.  




Scribed by Dannette

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