Love Letters

Something You Didn’t Know You Needed

A love letter from the Father


My precious child, take a deep breath and dry your eyes. Although this situation looks devastating and you are feeling exhausted by the warfare against you–things are not as they look at the moment. 


My vows will show up to rescue you–like an abundance ofTrapiche emeralds–the rarest and most exquisite of the world. I’ll be here with you, shining through the starry night, with endless provisions from My Almighty support. 


Calm your heart and retrace My promises–like traveling through secret tunnels to discover a plethora of Trapiche emeralds with a star-like appearance. Things are not as they look or seem. I have hidden riches for you–deep below what you can see. 


Sometimes those worries are only in your head. Lay aside your worries and leave your fears behind you. Put the sorrows of what you dread under your feet–like burying your enemies beneath you. 


Lay back and rest in My ever-present help. Be doubtless and burdened no more. There are endless possibilities for you to explore! Stay expectant with faith and think about what you hope to come.


Just as an emerald was named from the Spanish word ‘trapiche’–meaning a sugar mill–My promise will be delivered to sweeten away the pain and comfort the tears away. 


I have given you prophetic promises to give you respite from the troubles ahead. I will carry you over every opposition and I will personally feed your needs with a banquet of My provisional love. 


You can always rest confidently in My attentiveness and intentional love. Remember that My promises will always hold you up and fulfill themselves. Those fears will not happen–you can trust the opposite to be done. 


There is so much movement happening in the unseen. Like blasting emeralds out of mineral-bearing rocks, things will suddenly shift into good. My love will show up to rescue you like spectacular emeralds being unearthed. 


Everything is going to turn out better than you realize. I have an underground support system emerging for you and soon you will see it! I will show up just like I said and it will dazzle like unearthed emeralds coming to the surface. 


The immensity of My devout love will be revealed like a brilliant rainforest of gleaming emeralds–the finest in the world. Glittering emeralds will soon cover your needs. I will be impossible not to see and you will witness My love in even brighter ways than you have dreamed that you could. 


I will be there with an early arrival to bless you with intense beauty and an ecstatic elevation of joy. I am sending you something that you didn’t even know that you would need! I’ll soothe from the distress and cause you to feast on My extremely intentional love. 





Scirbed by Dannette Ward

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