Love Letters

Earlier Than Expected

A love letter from the Father



Sit back and rest in My loving protection. Everything is about to change as I bring the tangible relief of what I have promised.


Even though the extreme heat and pressure of this situation have been uncomfortable, it has been working in your favor. Think of My promises to you like Olive Riddley turtles that hatch in the night–when you can’t see anything coming. 


The heat that you have been feeling from the testing of your faith is drawing up an early arrival of what I have promised would arrive. The Olive Riddley’s nest during the arribadas, which means ‘the arrival’. 


When there is increased heat during their incubation, the baby turtles will hatch earlier than expected. In a similar way, the heat of your faith being tested in opposite seeming conditions is going to cause you to experience an early surprise of fulfilled promise. 


I am going to bring you a sudden relief to help you feel better during this big change. I will deliver the fulfillment earlier than expected to give you refreshing relief from the intense time of testing. 


This time marks the start of a new way of living. Instead of struggling to get what you need–you’ll be given more than enough of everything–in the presence of your enemies. 


Like a hatchling emerging from the nest and being exposed as she crawls to the deep blue sea–I am causing your new life of blessings to start out in the open. I will cause what I do for you to be widely known and there will be no more hiding from your elevated calling. 


My love and generosity towards you will be a big help to others. You will be an example of the rewards that come from putting it all on the line for faith in Me. Because you trusted in Me to set things straight, I will cause your exposure to be your vindication against false accusations. You’ll be given honor instead of shame and I will give you double for every moment of pain. 


It will be openly evident that I have loved you and sent you on this journey. Those who spoke against you will be corrected and embarrassed, as I set you up high with favor and recognition of being a true prophet of My very heart. 


I will complete what I have started and I’ll do it in a way that you will love and cherish forever. Like a sea turtle hatching at night, you won’t see it coming. Out of nowhere, the fulfillment will show up and the best part is–it will be earlier than expected!  




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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