Love Letters

One in a Million Moment

A love letter from the Father



This is an open season–where you are no longer hidden. You’ll be generously blessed as you continue to share the love that I have given. I will purposely reveal your story as a light to faraway travelers–like a beacon shining in the midst of darkness to reveal the hope and freedom of My personal affections. 


The vulnerability of being exposed will draw much attention. Like a sea turtle traveling from the nest to the ocean, there are many predators looking to stop her arrival. 


During the journey from the sand to the sea–the sea turtle hatchling enters the frenzy phase. The baby turtle must keep moving for more than 24 hours straight to escape the predators in the darkness.


Likewise, keep meditating on the positive outcomes of My vows, in order to quickly move into the safe comforts of an Ocean abundance. 


Help is here, don’t worry. I will protect you from all harm. I will be your Sovereign Hero and I’ll bless you in the midst of the attacks. I will show up to be your trustworthy rescue and do the seemingly impossible miracle that you have been trusting Me for. 


My promise is attached to you, like a turtle’s shell attached to her ribs. You never need to worry about being forgotten and I will always fulfill what I said.


Turn your back to every doubt and fear, like a sea turtle defensively turning its shell towards the predator’s mouth. See what I promised as though it was already done and feel the joy of fulfillment even now. 


Concentrate on My promise with all of your heart, like a sea turtle hatchling using magnetic sensing to find her way to an ocean that she has never seen before. 


My promise of love never ends, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Dive deep into My love, like a sea turtle swimming straight down to avoid being plucked up by predatory birds. 


Keep going deep into trusting My words as you let every anxiety melt off. You’ll glide effortlessly through the depths of the delightful sea of My unchanging and unconditional love. 


You are breaking off every doubtful limit with your child-like trust. I am changing your life from famine to fortune in a blink of an eye. Your faith in Me is taking down mountains and bringing you to a place beyond belief!


I promised to prosper you with abounding relief and that is exactly what you will get! You’ll rise from the depths of all-abandoned trust to witness the tangible relief of My life-saving love. 


A one-in-a-million moment is about to happen for you. The fulfillment will show up so fast like a lightning bolt striking before you are ready. Blessings upon blessings will come out of nowhere and without notice. It is time for your surprise—and it will be just like I promised!




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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