Love Letters

Love Becomes Tangible

A love letter from the Father



O My darling child, don’t panic over the need and intensity of this situation. I will care for you just as I always have and I’ll be a Hero to fulfill what I promised. Stay nestled in faith–I’ve got you!


Just as a tree creates alluring amber jewels from the wounds that it has endured, I will reveal My tender loving-kindness to you through the difficulties of this strenuous hardship. 


I will bless you through this attack, like a tree that produces resin as a form of defense and protection. The pressure and heat of the opposition cause the resin to transform into rich and opulent orange gems. 


What was intended to hurt you will become one of your favorite blessings of all times! Although you are troubled with the pain and sorrow of struggling to survive, I will saturate you with My tangible love to cause you to flourish and thrive. 


Calm your anxieties and settle into My loving care. I will deliver all that you need like sap transporting nourishment through the body of a tree. 


I will give you secret containers of wealth as you plunder your enemies and I will give you something that you have been longing for as the ultimate surprise. You won’t have to do anything else–just rest and receive this inheritance from Me. 


Trust My words to appear–-even if you cannot see them at this moment. I will cause My vows to emerge like bubbling pools springing up from the earth. Your hope and confident expectations in Me will be richly rewarded!


This is a time when My personal love becomes tangible, as I cause you to encounter the greater depths of encountering My promises. I will satisfy you with wonderful things and cause you to be comforted with instant relief. 


You will fully experience what I promised as I give you the richest experience of My generous kindness. You’ll be flooded and filled with more than enough and I will cause you to scoop up amber jewels to make up for your troubles and hardship. 


Your enemy will regret ever afflicting you–as I raise you up to feast on above and beyond all that hoped or dreamed.


I will never let you go or fail to fulfill what I promised. Prepare to be amazed by so much more–as I show you My love and devotion in a way that far surpasses anything you have experienced before. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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