Love Letters

Abundant Season

A love letter from the Father



Don’t be overwhelmed by the demands and pressures that you have.  Don’t look at how bad things seem right now or at the monumental size of what you are needing. Pause here and calm your heart for a moment. 


Take a deep breath and find My peace in the midst of the urgencies that you are facing. My love will never fail to support you and the flow of My refreshing riches will never end or run out. 


Although you cannot see it yet or make sense of how it could happen, you are entering into an abundant season of having plenty for yourself and plenty left over to share with others. 


Like leatherback turtles swimming right into a massive bloom of the jellyfish that he loves to eat the most, you are about to move right into the satisfying abundance that you seek without notice. 


No longer look back to days of your hardships and sorrows. Those days are in the past and they will no longer haunt you or repeat themselves. I gave you My promise–as a rescue of help for your present troubles. 


You are not going to repeat the days of desperation and need. I only allowed the momentary low tide to display the magnitude of this life-changing rise. You’ll enjoy all you can eat of My provisional support and you will no longer cry over struggling to survive. 


Just as bountiful blooms of jellyfish helped keep the leatherback turtles from extinction, I am giving you an enormous increase as a personal rescue from My covenant love and endless affections. 




Scribed by Dannette




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