Love Letters

Let Yourself Rest

A love letter from Jesus



My beloved one, take a big deep breath and concentrate on what I promised. Find the peace of My presence moving all around you.  I know this time looks scary and you are weary from the long journey. 


I will carry you through this and lift away the burdens. I have shown you what would come so that you could rest and trust Me to fulfill it. It will not be done by what you do but by My Spirit causing My promise to come out. 


I have already charted the path of what will be done and I have prepared for My promise to show up without a problem. I know all that you need and I have already prepared everything. 


Forget about the deadlines approaching and trust in the intentional movement of My timing. Let me take the weight off of your shoulders, as you recline in My gentle goodness. 


Lay your worries at my feat and trust Me to get you through this. Slow your tears from falling and take a deep breath as you remember My promise. Relax the tension on your shoulders and stop trying to figure out how I can help you. 


Let yourself rest a while and I will carry you into your promise. I’ll lift you above all those troubles and you’ll be seated in a comfortable place where there is always more than enough. 


Never underestimate what I am capable of. I will pour out more blessings than you can handle all by yourself. Things will be just as I promised–despite how impossible it looks and feels. 


Not only will I fulfill My words and answer your prayers–but I will leave behind a surprise blessing that is more than you have ever asked for yourself! 


Prepare to see My Glory in ways that you never knew could be! You’ll be My personal guest, as you feast on My honor and goodness! I am about to sweep you off your feet and carry you into unfathomable dimensions of My incredible love. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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