Faith Stories

Rapid Relief

A love letter from the Father



Although things didn’t go exactly as you planned or thought, everything will turn out just as you hope in the end. You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant–always and at all times. I will always be with you and provide you with help.


I know that you just want this trial to end, but I will bring extraordinary beauty with rapid cooling from the heat and pressure from believing despite how it looks. Before you are even aware, everything will change and you’ll be dancing as you see your hopes fulfilled from out of thin air. 


Your hopes will materialize like an aqua-blue larimar gem that was formed from the instant cooling of extremely hot fluids in tectonic shifts. The pressure and heat will swiftly drop as I cause what I promised to quickly show up. 


Just as precious gems are often dislodged from mountains and float down rivers, through the shaking of this testing, you will come out of arm-loads of blessings that will only become richer and richer. You’ll be instantly comforted with relief and I will be right beside you to soothe and alleviate your pain.


Think about how you want things to be and I will meet you in the place of hopeful expectancy. I will cause you to encounter a sudden change, like a diphylleia grayi flower transforming into the appearance of glass at the slightest drop of rain. 


My love will never fail to fulfill all that I have told you. Expect to see even more than you ever have! I will deliver a rapid cooling of comfort as I cause My blessings to soothe you with sudden relief. 


Things will turn out just as you hoped! Soon you will see the waves of refreshment rushing in with a rapid relief of cooling and instantaneous beauty that surpasses all that you have ever known or had or seen. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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