Love Letters

Welcome to a New Chapter of Answered Prayers

A love letter from Jesus



Things are not as bad as you think. Like hearing bird melodies in the air but not seeing where the bird is hiding under the green canopy of the tree, I am moving behind the scenes to answer your prayers and give you the ease of relief. 


I know your heart, even better than you know yourself. Just as the male bird prepares the female for her new hatchlings, I have been preparing you to see the answers to your prayers in unseen and mysterious ways.


Don’t feel bad for the things that you are hoping for–there is no condemnation for you here in My unconditional love. I have given you the longing in your heart to fulfill it, like a male bird courting the female before creating a nest for her eggs. 


Before the female can lay her eggs or have the desire to prepare her nest, her hormones are changed from within to match the cooing that the male bird gives. Like a male bird courting his love for life, I have been moving your heart toward what I have planned to give. 


Believe Me to answer your prayers, like a little child with simple trust. The most powerful prayer is not done by words, but by what you think about, imagine, and believe. Open your heart to being favored in My love and dress your thoughts in the happiness of your prayers being fulfilled. 


A new beginning comes from within, like a female’s hormones changing in order to produce an egg. So begin to believe that you already have your requests and it will be done just as you have asked. 


Don’t worry about how it happens, just trust Me to handle the details. After the female’s hormones have changed, then the male bird will see his affections received and he will begin preparing the nest to hold the new beginnings. 


You don’t have to stress or struggle to bring this answered prayer to pass. Once the eggs are present in the nest, then the hatching process begins all by itself. Like a bird protecting her eggs in the nest, stay expecting to see the answer to your prayers come to pass. 


The baby birds will break through all on their own, just as your prayers will fulfill themselves. Just like the momma bird resting in the nest, all you have to do is trust that it is done and keep your thoughts believing that it is already fulfilled. 


The desire of your heart is a confirmation that it is yours. What you hope for is the Divine guarantee for the fulfillment that you cannot yet see. This is a reason to celebrate! Your whole life is about to change! I am going to answer your prayers and cause your life to reflect what you hope. 


Rest in this promise–-I will make things easier for you and you will soon hear the sound of the new life breaking through. It’s not as hard as you think—My love is always the easiest thing! Welcome to a new chapter of answered prayers. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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