Love Letters

Midnight Blessings

A love letter from the Father



Quiet your thoughts My darling. Slow your breathing and concentrate on the vows of My love and support. Remember how far I have taken you and relax into feeling safe again. 


Don’t be stressed, I will be here to take care of you, just as I always have. Like Gamma rays that move from the core of a star and then journey throughout to be absorbed and re-emitted again and again–-My vows will continue to materialize for you–as endless as My endless love. 


There are secret riches hidden in this place that seems full of void and darkness. Don’t go according to how it looks at this moment. Remember that I am perfectly capable of delivering all that you need and I will help you again. 


Don’t worry about what you are needing. My promises to you are like stars that continue to emit energizing Gamma rays all by themselves. Even if there was no visible way to get by and you had no one to stand by your side–I will continue to save you and supply you with all that you need–again and again. 


Don’t give up on believing just yet, but let’s see what happens in the midst of the darkness. The absence of what you need is the Glorious sign of My approaching relief. 


Don’t worry, don’t fret. Just keep your eyes on Me and I will show you the copious treasures of the overnight blessings. Even though it looks like there is nothing there to cover your needs, I will show up with a bright emergence of My promised support breaking through the darkness with a midnight blessing of tangible help. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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