Love Letters

Instant Comfort

A love letter from the Father



Deep down inside you know that things will be as you hope and everything will turn out right. Let Me help you be relieved of the weight from all those worries. I am right here with you and I will help you through this.


Didn’t I always say that your deep need will be the place where you see the greatest blessings? The oppositions that you have endured are lifting you higher, like pappus dragging on a dandelion seed working as a parachute to carry it farther. 


Take a big deep breath and let go of those doubts, fears, and worries. Rest in the outcome that you hope for and inhale the peace of My presence. Take a moment and embrace the serenity of trusting Me in complete abandonment as I carry you like a baby. 


Your hopeful thoughts are like the water-repelling seeds of a dandelion protecting the flower from the rainy downpour. Everything will come right at the perfect time and you won’t have to force the fulfillment to arrive.


Tell Me your prayers and leave them in My hands, like a dandelion releasing its seed to be carried by the unseen winds in the air. In order for the flower to survive, it must release its seeds. Likewise, if you want to see your prayers fulfilled, you must give them to Me and trust Me to answer them. 


Embrace your hopes as fact and reach your roots deep into faith-filled thoughts. Keep expecting wonderful things to come and believe that your prayers have been answered, even before you see them done. 


Even though it doesn’t look like the right time, what I promised will undoubtedly arrive. I’ll show up with excellent news and deliver a surprise that seems too good to be true.  


I am giving you comforting freedom from your problems and I’ll carry you weightlessly into a brand new season. You won’t have to live this way any longer and I will be your constant source of support and unbreakable power. 


Suddenly blessings will pour out from every direction and you’ll be instantly comforted from the place of your afflictions. You won’t even believe the view that I am about to reveal! You are going to rise much higher than you even knew before. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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